Thank you for purchasing a K Kajoux Jewels piece, you are supporting an Irish Designer/ Maker and small business owner all at once! In order to enjoy your piece of Luxury Irish Craft, I’ve put together a jewellery care guide.

Your new pieces of K Kajoux Jewels should make you very happy with the following care steps: 

Avoid extreme conditions, ie desert, rainforest, alpine…….you know the drill! Normal weather conditions are perfect to wear your K Kajoux Jewels piece- Irish weather is no exception!

Store your K Kajoux piece in its box

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, moisturisers, fake tans etc. Once a cream or perfume is dried, there is no issue with wearing your K Kajoux Jewels piece but it’s advised to wait until the cream/ perfume has dried fully first.

Don’t immerse the piece in water, so no swimming, no showers while wearing your K Kajoux Jewels piece.

Ideally store flat in an airtight container, jewellery box or specific drawer. The best way to store your K Kajoux piece is in the box or bag it came in- the materials used in the bag or box are chosen specifically to preserve the metals.

Best rule of thumb to remember is LOFO! Last thing on and first thing off……

That’s it to ensure longevity, hope you enjoy your new K Kajoux piece and thanks for supporting Luxury Irish Craft!